Captain Justice was a running sketch/ viewer questions segment of the show.

Summary Edit

Based on consumer affairs programming, a studio audience of the day's guests with children sitting by them were given the chance to ask questions to Captain Justice (Ant in a superhero costume), but Dec would rephrase the question before the children had a chance to speak.

The Captain would, in a booming echoing voice, give an explanation of how he'd do a superhero-esque revenge in answer to the problems, such as dealing with a store by unleashing the Horsemen of the Apocalypse to lay waste to it and leaving horse manure everywhere. Then, presenter Dec would say "or..." and, in a small voice, Captain Justice would give a more realistic answer, such as simply asking for their money back.

The sketch often had homoerotic overtones, playing up to the Captain's attempts to strike up a romance with Dec by trying to impress him or asking him out on date between the two male presenters. When Dec gave a confused reply, the Captain would exit through dry ice after saying "Sorry, misread the signs!". Dec would sometimes add to the joke by saying "There goes Captain Justice, always disappears with a poof!".