Chums was a series of sketches, parodying popular American sitcom Friends. The series saw Ant, Dec and Cat playing fictionalised versions of themselves, living together in a Newcastle-based flat.


Each episode of Chums is around five minutes long, following a narrative unique to the episode itself
Chums title

'Chums' main title card

. The opening moments show the freeze frame, from the previous episode, as to remind viewers of what had happened "previously on Chums." The titles (a soof of the Friends title sequence) then roll and a new storyline will begins, often preceeded with the narrator joking as to the sketch's live audience - eg: "Chums is filmed before a... hive studio audience," followed by the sound of bees.

Each episode features a fight behind the sofa, often between Ant and Dec, which ultimately ends in Ant loosing and being sent 'upstairs.' This gives Dec an opportunity to attempt to kiss Cat but his attempts are always inturupted by a new celebrity neighbor's visiting. The scene climaxes on a dramatic moment of some sort, prompting a 'freeze frame' where the cast freeze their positions, giving the illusion that the video itself has been paused. The narrator then adds to this drama, leaving a hook for the audience to "Find out in next week's episode of Chums."

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