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'Fartbeat' title card

Fartbeat was a sketch that parodied the popular, long running ITV drama, Heartbeat.


In a similar vain to Heartbeat, this sketch focused around the lives of three Yorkshire police officers: a sergeant (Ant) and his two officers, PC Blowing (Dec) and WPC Misgassed (Cat). Each episode featured the trio making several jokes, based purely on breaking wind, whilst trying to charge susupect Greengass (played by a variety of celebrities) of a crime. Frequently, the three were assisted by various officials, played also by a range of celebrity guests.


Title SequenceEdit

The series' title sequence mimics that of Heartbeat, using a similar sounding theme tune and visual style.[1] It opens with a title reading 'Heartbeat' but the sound of breaking wind quickly blows the H, and part of the E, off-screen, correcting the name to read 'Fartbeat.' We then see a montage of 'idilic' countryside shots over which Ant, Dec and Cat are superimposed, turning towards the camera and posing. The final shot displays the episode title and the flatulence-related name of it's 'writer.'

The lyrics to the sequence are as follows:

Why do you whiff, whenever my baby sniffs at me?

List of EpisodesEdit

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