The Pokéfight was a popular sketch that preceded episodes of Pokémon on SM:tv Live.


The sketch involved G-G-Gary (played by Ant) and Misty (played by Dec) inturrupting a seemingly normal segment by challenging eachother to a Pokébattle. On most occasions, it was overlooked by an angry Cat whose plans to halt the fight, before it had even began, had clearly not worked.

Screen Shot 2012-08-20 at 20.43.57

Misty is stunned as G-G-Gary unleashes 'Video Programme Pokémon'

Each battle would begin after G-G-Gary and Misty argued with one another, usually due to G-G-Gary's belief that he was a much better Pokémon trainer than his opponent. In much the same way as within the telvision series, each of these fights saw G-G-Gary and Misty unleash a series of Pokémon on eachother, each with varying degrees of affectiveness. These creatures were not, however, ones featured in the programme itself but instead were entirely new Pokémon, most with a specific name and effect, suiting the situation perfectly. One frequent effect was the ability to make Misty unable to give birth, something she was very vocal about every time she recieved the attack: "I'll never have kids now."

List of PokéfightsEdit

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