Storm Warning
Series 1, Episode ??
Air Date Late 2001/Early 2002
Written By I.R. Smeltwun
Celebrity Guest(s) Brian McFadden (as Greengas); Nicky Byrne (as a hooligan)
Previous Unknown
Next known: Forensics
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Storm Warning (also known as Poaching) is an episode of Heartbeat parody and popular sketch, Fartbeat. It was 'written' by I.R. Smeltwun and was likely to have aired sometime between late 2001 and early 2002.


Storm Warning

Storm Warning

Synopsis ==

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Greengass attempts to set his story straight.

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The scene begins as Greengass (Brian McFadden, Westlife) runs into the station, carrying a "young hooligan" (Nicky Byrne, Westlife) and claiming he wants to make a citizens arrest - his captive has been poaching the fish he has been poaching himself. WPC Misgassed (Cat) butts in, explaining that "poaching from a poacher isn't a crime in itself" whilst the hooligan tries to make things better by explaining how he only stole two fish (though he has since "let one go"). It is then revealed to a confused constable that it was, in fact, the sergeants (Ant) idea to let Greengass try to cach the poacher, with PC Blower (Dec) calling him "the most experienced poacher in the village." The constable reacts positively to this idea and decides to reward the officers with the rest of the day off, with Misgassed telling Greengass that he can have "a day off poaching" by being jailed. The scene then ends with him storming off, claiming "there's no British justice these days," a statment which makes the group burst into laughter.