The Beautiful Corrs

The Beautiful Corrs is a running sketch on SMTV Live.

Premise Edit

Ant, Dec and Cat were dressed up as the female members of the band The Corrs, wearing long black wigs while affecting Irish accents. There was little story in each sketch with the trio just asserting how beautiful they were. Often, there was a man with a brown paper bag over his head, labeled 'Jim'. He was not considered beautiful enough by the three "female" members of the group to show his face - a reference to the fact that the real Corrs' brother, Jim, is usually pushed to the background in the videos, and very rarely sings.

The last sketch received mention as being 27th in Channel 4's Best TV Moments of 2001.[1] While the presenters were performing, the real Corrs appeared, reprimanding them for being so shallow and saying that they were not all about beauty. When Ant, Dec and Cat left the stage, deflated, the three girls turned to camera, and bragged about how beautiful they were. "Jim" then took the paper bag off his head to reveal the real Jim Corr, only to be told to put it back on because he wasn't beautiful enough.[2]