The One with the Kicking Contest
Series 01, Episode 03
Kicking Contest Header
Air Date September 25th 1999
"Chums is filmed before..." Unknown
"Chums is sponsored by..." N/A (Doesn't feature)
Celebrity Guest(s) Melanie C (Spice Girls)
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Next known: The One with Dec's Showbiz Party
The third episode of Chums, The One With The Kicking Contest, was broadcast on September 25th 1999.


'The One With the Kicking Contest' (Part 2 only)

'The One With the Kicking Contest' (Part 2 only).1999


After the post is delivered (and the group sift through love letters, addressed to Cat), Ant discovers to his horror that he has been entered into the '1999 Kicking Your Legs Quite High In The Air Championship.' The letter states that the competition will take place that night and so Ant must find a way to practice, before the event. Dec laughs off Ant's worries, prompting a joke about how he looks "a little bit like a toilet brush." This soon escalates into another fight behind the sofa, ultimately leaving an injured Ant to be carried upstairs by two "fairies" (ballet dancers). This gives Dec an opportunity to try and kiss Cat but he is, once again, interrupted by a
Chums 3

Ant gets carried away by the 'fairies'

celebrity visitor, Mel C. Ant soon re-enters the living room and, upon realising who the visitor is, tries to persuade Mel to teach him how to kick "quite high." Dec is shocked at his rudeness and snaps his flat mates into order, telling "Catherine" to fetch the "finest china," for their guest. After a round of Spice Girls puns, Mel discusses her new football-inspired single, reminding Ant to ask her to coach him in kicking. She then demonstrates a move which Ant copies, accidentally pushing Dec into Cat and nearly nocking her over. The cast then freeze, in their usual cliffhanger style, but due to their awkward positions, the group are left struggling for stability, something the voiceover notes - "Will Cat ever manage to stop wobbling, during these freeze frames?"

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