The One With The Party
Series 01, Episode 01
Air Date September 11th 1999
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Celebrity Guest(s) S Club 7
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The One With The Party is the first episode of Chums, The One With The Party, was broadcast on September 11th 1999.

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Dec arrives home, to an empty flat, where he is soon joined by Ant and Cat. Dec asks his flat mates if they've brought everything for a party, to which Ant responds upset as he couldn't find the 'Peeto' (later revealed to be 'PTO,' or 'Please Turn Over,' on the list). Ant then reveals that he has stolen money from Dec, prompting a behind the sofa fight between the two. When they emerge, Ant has been 'beaten' into a woman and is sent upstairs to get himself 'cleaned up.' This provides Dec some time alone with Cat but his attempts at a kiss are intrupted by new nextdoor neighbours S Club 7. The group ask the whereabouts of their male members with Cat quick to defend her hiding them, in her bedroom.

Ant emerges from upstairs with the boys and the now reunited group soon leave. Ant then realises that he can't remember 'what eight times nine is' and confusion soon arrises with the group - they want to give their eight guests nine cheesy biscuits each. The scene soon freezes on this cliffhanger, with the narrator accidentially telling the group the answer (72) and, thus, solving their problem.

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