Wonkey Donkey
―Dec to callers

Wonkey Donkey was a feature/competitions which appeared weekly on SMTV Live. The aim of the game was for viewers to phone in and guess what the donkey is dressed as.

Premise Edit

The premise of the game was very similar to that of Catchphrase. The example the presenters always gave to explain the game was 'Wonkey Donkey' (a small toy donkey with one leg missing). Every week, something similar was shown to the viewers who rang in to guess what it was - the golden rule was it had to rhyme. If none of the callers answered correctly, the competition would roll over to next week. After three weeks, it would be abandoned for a new one. This only happened once in the show's history, when after three weeks fifteen callers had failed to get "Twee Bee".

Dec found it very frustrating when the callers could not get the answer right, and would sometimes throw the toy and the stand it was placed on in (mock) anger, or ranting into the camera, which became a staple occurrence and sparked his catchphrase for the game, "It's Gotta Rhyme!". The hosts' continued frustration led to them filming a pre-recorded round of the game, with an answer of "Pat Cat" (the clue being host Cat Deeley rubbing her arms over her back). The fictional contestant made a number of unrelated guesses, including constantly repeating "Feely Deeley" even when informed it was incorrect numerous times.